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Woke Is A Joke

How facts make woke ideas funny
Release Date: Spring, 2022!
Meet Author Brian Mahoney

Woke Is A Joke is your guide to Wokeist ideas - and the facts that make them funny! This book is will be released in Spring 2022 to adoring audiences everywhere...pre-order your copy today.


Before Woke Is A Joke, author Brian Mahoney specialized in developing creative literature, history, and science education products.  He is a published historical fiction author, textbook writer, and educational software and web developer.  Brian's client list includes  Electronic Arts, Houghton Mifflin, Motorola, McGraw-Hill, McDougal Littell, Merrill Publishing, American School Publishers, South-Western Publishing, and more. Brian graduated from the University of Chicago and attended Northwestern University graduate school. 


 With Woke Is A Joke, Brian hopes to demystify the Wokeist mythology that divides Americans today.  If you believed in a colorblind American dream like Martin Luther King Jr. did, this book with help remind you why true equality isn't a Woke one.

Woke Is A Joke is due out this fall, pre-order your copy today!

Historical Fiction By Brian MahoneY

(...or how to properly teach kids to be proud of their blended American history...)

"I Have A Dream"

At the Lincoln Memorial, Brenda Johnson (aka "The Polka-Dot Lady") notices that Officer Bob Flanagan isn't listening to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s iconic I Have A Dream speech! Soon, with a little help from Brenda, Officer Bob realizes that MLK's vision of equal rights isn't just for Brenda, it's for regular guys like Bob Flanagan, too.

"Valley Forge"

John Morris, a young American doctor, volunteers to serve in what's left of George Washington's army at Valley Forge. In the dead of winter, he discovers that the Colonial Army is diseased, freezing, and starving - but NOT giving up!

"The Chisholm Trail"

An ex-slave gunfighter named Diamond Bill cleans out his Southern buddy at the poker table and then lends him what he needs to get a whole new start -- driving cattle up the 'ol Chisholm Trail!

IN THE PRESS (anticipatED)

I read Woke Is A Joke and learned that MY FEELINGS AREN'T FACTS!


I'm calling my therapist!


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